Most people in the UK have spoken to Moneypenny - but few people realise it. Born in 2000, we lead the UK Telephone Answering Service and Outsourced Switchboard market with respect to our size, quality of service and our technology, looking after more calls for more businesses than any other company.

The most important relationship you'll have with anyone here will be between you and your Moneypenny PA. We have over 500 bright, happy and capable individuals - every single one recruited for their attitude. You'd be delighted to employ them yourself and they'll impress your callers and staff alike. Your Moneypenny PA is someone you know and trust, who will work exactly as if based in your office.

We continue to invest in IT development, bringing you market-leading products to ensure you get the most out of our service. Moneypenny developed Digital Switchboard; speech recognition switchboard technology recognised as the standard by which automated switchboards are measured. Other key products include:
The Moneypenny App, helping clients stay in touch wherever the day takes them.
RITA technology to allow us to handle calls exactly as if based in your office.
Disaster Recovery, which automatically communicates to employees during a crisis.
Call Deflection, helping you control which calls pass to Moneypenny
Penelope, turning your mobile into a complete phone system.
Online Management Information suite to keep you up to date on call history and contact information.

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